Theresa Kavanagh at Woodroffe Avenue Fun Fair.
Theresa Kavanagh at Britannia Woods BBQ.
Theresa Kavanagh at Woodroffe High School.
Having fun at Glabar Park Fun Day!

Theresa Kavanagh at Environmental Steward Workshop


Theresa's vision for great schools

  • Keep high standards of quality education for all students in the public system.
  • Work closely with community stakeholders on school issues such as school councils.
  • Ensure that children continue to have great opportunities to be the best they can in our schools.
  • Supports immersion programs in our ward.schools.
  • Fight obsesity in our schools with more physical education to students such as running clubs for schools.
  • Encourage healthly living through diet and encourage programs to prevent students from starting to smoke.
  • Keep music programs in our schools.  This should not be considered an extra.